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*Non-Member Pricing* 2024 Webinar Monthly Series Bundle of 13


*Member Pricing* 2024 Webinar Monthly Series Bundle of 13

January 31, 2024: Police Governance for Artificial Intelligence - Policy Setting from a Governance Perspective with Niraj Bhargava, CEO,

February 15th, 2024: Leadership and its impact on Frontline Police Officers and Civilian Municipal Employees – with Josh Murphy

 February 22, 2024: Calgary Police Civilian Investigator Program with Katherine Murphy | Legal & Regulatory Services Division| Executive Director

March 1st, 2024: Role of Board & Policing Culture – the disconnect between police and the public with Dr. Holly Campeau, University of Waterloo (November Make-Up Date)

March 28th, 2024 (TBC): Homeless encampments & the role of Police

April 30th, 2024 (TBC): Staff engagement surveys with Corwin Odland Communications & Policy Director Calgary Police Commission

April (DATE TBC): Elevating Strategic Planning – the Kingston Police Services Board Example with Christian Leuprecht (TBC), & Fred Kaustinen (TBC)

May (DATE TBC): Professional Conduct and Discipline: What Boards/Commissions Need to Know with Ian Johnstone

 May 2024 (TBC): Supporting Victims of Terrorism & Mass Violence with Sue O’Sullivan

June (DATE TBC): Updates on Mental Health Research & Treatments for Public Safety Personnel with Rose Ricciardelli, & Nick Carlton

 June (DATE TBC): Building healthy relationships with your Police Association with Tom Stamatakis & Casey Ward (TBC)

July (DATE TBC): The Peel Experience Modernizing your police service. Chief, Chair, ED & Association (TBC)

July (DATE TBC): Pros and Cons of School Resource Officers. What is the Board’s role?

August (DATE TBC): Reflections on Police Governance from the inside

August (DATE TBC): Training of Board & Commission Chairs – defining the basics.

September (DATE TBC): Indicators of Public Attitudes towards the Police with Chris Giacomantonio (TBC)

September (DATE TBC): Developing consistent and effective communications strategies. Who controls the narrative?

October (DATE TBC): Equity Diversity & Inclusion in police leadership and governance

October (DATE TBC): Line of Duty Deaths – what we’ve learned in recent years – CPA & CACP updates on their research

November (DATE TBC): Review of Provincial Governments responsibility to build capacity for effective and efficient policing

November (DATE TBC): Understanding Police Budgets

December (DATE TBC): Operational & Organizational wellness in a Police Service and the impact on recruitment & retention

December (DATE TBC): Defund, Demonstrations and Political Unrest. What is the solution?

January 2025 (Date TBC): Board self-evaluation. Maximizing the results for future performance.

January 2025 (Date TBC): Creating a National Public Satisfaction Survey – Members interactive webinar

January 2025 (DATE TBC): Political Independence in Policing – Is it possible? with Rick Linden (TBC), Cal Corley (TBC), & Dale McFee (TBC)

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