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RECORDING *Non-Member Pricing* 2022 September - Reflecting on Police Governance

RECORDING *Non-Member Pricing* 2022 September - Reflecting on Police Governance


The legitimacy of police governance is increasingly being called into question, as confidence in law enforcement declines. Along with the calls for police reform, our roles as police board and commission members are being increasingly called into the spotlight.

This month's speaker Michael Kempa offers a unique and timely perspective on the governance of policing in Canada. This webinar will explore the current state of governance, the many factors that affect it and what our role can and should be in the future of safe policing in Canada.

Michael Kempa is a social scientist (PhD. Law, Australian National University) with the spirit of an investigative journalist. Working as an Associate Professor within the Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa, his program of research draws upon Political Science, International Relations, and Sociological theory to address the ways in which states and non-state organizations variously conceive of and attempt to institutionalize "police power" in such domains as the economy, new forms of urban communal space, and international security. Trained in media through a Munk Fellowship in Global Journalism, University of Toronto, Dr. Kempa tries to take the results of his research to the broadest possible audience. He contributes written, spoken and audiovisual materials to such major news outlets as the Walrus Magazine, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, National Post, and Global and Mail.

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