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RECORDING *CAPG Non-Member Pricing* November 24th, 2021 Summit

RECORDING *CAPG Non-Member Pricing* November 24th, 2021 Summit

$150.00 $350.00

If you’re interested in taking your implementation game to the next level, join HelpSeeker Co-Founder Dr. Alina Turner – who has supported community safety and wellbeing implementation focused on social innovation across the country, and Marty Thomsen, who is building these models on the ground as a municipal leader with the City of Lethbridge for a hands-on, insights-packed professional development session and get to know leaders in this space across the country. Learn more!

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This Summit takes a deep dive into systems-level implementation approaches to safety and wellbeing essential to moving the needle on complex social challenges.

This session is designed to help policing leaders at the executive and governance levels to gain essential knowledge on putting your plan into action by gaining a fuller understanding of the social safety net ecosystem your police services operate in. We will explore key concepts such as systems integration, and develop practical skills to apply to real-time implementation challenges.

We will cover the basics of understanding the local social safety net, how funding impacts the delivery of your plan. We will dive deeper into new practices for coordinated service delivery, outcomes-based contracting, co-investment due diligence, and evidence-based investment priority setting, and how to use technology innovations in your practice.

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