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April 2022 Webinar

Churn at the Top – Why is it so hard to get and keep the right Chief?*

Thursday, April 21st at 12pm EST

with Chief Bryan Larkin, Former Chief Roger Chaffin, Dr. Tullio Caputo and Dr. Tarah Hodgkinson

Over the past decade, boards have seen more turnover in their chief positions than ever before.

➤ How can we better attract candidates, and keep them on board?

➤ Why are some boards able to find the right chiefs (and even have them stay long enough to retire), while others can't seem to find that sustainable fit?

➤ What makes the difference?

➤ Is your succession plan working?

Our distinguished panel with on-the-field experience and research-backed insights will discuss various aspects of recruiting and retaining the "right" choice as police chief, with a focus on issues of competency, skills, leadership style and values.

Join us for this timely discussion on recruiting and retaining the right Chief.

Sessions are approx. 60-90 minutes. Purchase includes access to the live session and a recording of the full session for those who can't join us live or would like to review. 

  • $200/per organization (up to 15 individuals)
  • $100/organization for CAPG Members (up to 15 individuals)

* Our original April session "Leaning on the Community" has been moved to June. For a full list of changes, please see our Webinars page.